How to get to the show:

  By plane:

Just fly to CPH Copenhagen airport, and you can walk directly to the hotel, there are the signs in the airport with “Clarion Hotel”.

  By car:

Just drive to Copenhagen airport, Terminal 3, the Clarion hotel is on the other side of the road at the Terminal 3. You can prebook parking, to reduce the cost of parking.

  By train:

Take either train or metro to Copenhagen Airport, there is sign at the Copenhagen Airport station to the Clarion Hotel.

Transport and Parking

As well as at the rest of places in Copenhagen, it is expensive to park by the Clarion and in the Airport.

The Clarion is placed just next to the Copenhagen Kastrup Airport. Train from Jylland, Fyn and Sweden will be less than 5 minutes walk from the reception. The Metro is directly at the door.

Wardrobe: free.