What Foods to Eat for Boosting Breast Milk?

Being concerned about boosting breast milk regarding a child’s health is normally witnessed these days. Mothers become curious about knowing and researching various ways so that their milk production can take a lift. But, the prime factor responsible for promoting milk production is the more your baby nurses, the higher level of milk the body makes. So, you might not take it more seriously and be stuck to a strict schedule.

While there is no scientific evidence showing that the consumption of some specific foods would boost the production of the milk, these foods to increase breast milk, have been in usage for a longer time by mothers and they have found them to be quite effective. These foods can surely aid to promote milk production in mothers if been included in the daily diet.

foods to increase breast milk

Fenugreek seeds  

Fenugreek seeds are commonly used for catering to the purpose of increasing breast milk across the globe. Due to being rich in omega-3 fatty acids, it can be very beneficial in the overall development of a child’s mental health.

Fennel seeds

Another seed that is being used for ages is the fennel seed. It has been considered for boosting milk supply along with treating problems like gas and colic. It is believed that these benefits could be transmitted to the baby via breast milk.

Green veggies 

Green leafy vegetables are rich in minerals, iron, and calcium, which can potentially enhance the production of breast milk. Consuming at least one portion of green leafy vegetables can do wonders for you.